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Firebrand with Matt Gaetz has officially launched!

  Firebrand With Matt Gaetz What is Firebrand With Matt Gaetz? Congressman and US House representative Matt Gaetz hosted his first show naming "Firebrand with Matt Gaetz". This show gives the listener full access to, behind-the-scenes look into the Swamp of Washington without the spin of Fake News. Congressman Gaetz tackles the most important issues of our time without holding back any punches. No spin, no lies, all hard-hitting truths. Subscribe today to never miss Firebrand with Matt Gaetz. NEW EPISODES EVERY WEEK! What is in Episode 1: Open Gaetz (feat. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene) – Firebrand with Matt Gaetz?  In today’s season premiere, Congressman Matt Gaetz dismantles the Deep State’s attacks against him, slams Fox News under the control of RINO Ryan, and is joined by fellow firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia. "What are the odds that Robert Muller would make the exact same pitch…to get the exact same dollar amount…to recover the exact American spy….t