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Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans, and it has skyrocketed under Joe Biden’s failed leadership: Elise Stefanik

  BREAKING: U.S. inflation jumps to 7.5% year over year in January, a 40 year high.  Biden’s policies are destroying the economy faster than anyone could have predicted. Congresswoman and GOP leader Elise Stefanik said: Inflation is going up faster than wages. This is devastating for hardworking families. Inflation is a tax on ALL Americans, and it has skyrocketed under Joe Biden’s failed leadership. Inflation surges 7.5% on an annual basis, even more than expected and highest since 1982 The inflation spike has been bad news for President Joe Biden, who has seen his approval rating tumble as consumer prices rise. The White House has blamed the price spike on supply-chain bottlenecks and other pandemic-induced disruptions in the economy, while Republicans have pinned it on the president's massive spending agenda and his energy policies targeting the oil and gas industries. Inflation surged more than expected in January, notching another 4-decade high as strong consumer demand and pa

What is FAMILY CHILD CARE NETWORK ACT introduced by Elise Stefanik?

Congress Woman Elise Stefanik recently introduced a FAMILY CHILD CARE NETWORK ACT with Congressman Lloyd Smucker. This Act allows states to repurpose the child care funds from American Rescue Plan to establish a Proofed solution where options for working families are non-existent.  Elise said that  North Country working families greatly depend on child care providers while they earn a living, yet many of our communities do not have enough options for child care. The American Rescue Plan did not address this growing problem, failing to invest in long-term solutions that would increase the quantity of child care businesses, especially in rural communities. My legislation offers a proven solution by allowing states to invest in Family Child Care Networks that can create new child care providers and enhance the viability of these incredibly important small businesses in our local communities .” Congress Smucker also released a statement and said: “As parents are returning to work, the need