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How Many People Attended President Trump’s Conroe, Texas Rally? See Crowd Photos & Videos

  President Trump Save America Rally in Conroe, Texas Former President Donald Trump held the largest political rally in Texas history, the members of state Republican Party said Saturday. Conroe is located in Montgomery County about 40 miles from Houston Texas. Here’s a look at how many people attended Trump’s rally . Along with Donald Trump, Attorney General Ken Paxton, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and Gov. Greg Abbott also addressed the HUGE Crowd. There was an estimated crowd of 60,000 people, according to media people of Conroe, TX. Thousands packed the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe hours before the doors opened for former President Donald J. Trump’s first Texas Save America rally since 2019. This was Donald Trump's second rally of 2022. His first rally was in Florence, Arizona in mid-January. Trump held a September Save America rally in Georgia. He also held a rally in Des Moines, Iowa, in October 2021, a rally in Alabama in August 2021,

How many people attended the MASSIVE Trump Rally in Conroe, Texas?

  Trump Crowd Attendance in Conroe, Texas Former President Donald Trump held the largest political rally in Texas history, the members of state Republican Party said Saturday. As per media reports, the GOP claimed “up to 60,000 people” attended the rally in Conroe, TX. More than 1 million people watched an online stream of the event as well, the Republicans said. There was an estimated crowd of 60,000 people, according to media people of Conroe, TX.  Thousands packed the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Conroe hours before the doors opened for former President Donald J. Trump’s first Texas Save America rally since 2019. Nearly everyone was waiting in line for something: Fried food, Let's Go Brandon Banners, Trump merchandise, bathrooms. The masses were chanting “Let’s go Brandon”. The line of cars waiting to turn into the lot stretched nearly a mile. Local Shopkeepers sold T-shirts and flags from campers on the grounds. Prices listed say they are selling for $20 each; hoodies for $

Parking information for President Trump’s Save America Rally in Conroe Texas

  TrumpTexas Rally Update How to navigate roads, parking for Donald Trump rally in Montgomery County? For those living in Conroe!! Trump will be in town this Saturday. Expect heavy traffic on the Northside of town near the Fairgrounds on Airport Rd and on 3083. City leaders are expecting a crowd of thousands for Trump’s rally. Montgomery County Sheriff's Office recently posted a transport alert for Montgomery County. This post is regarding the Trump's Conroe Rally, they wrote: Attention “Save America” rally ticket holders:  The designated parking areas will ONLY be accessible from FM 3083, whether you’re traveling east from the I-45 area or west from the Hwy 59 area (see map below). Once on FM 3083, you will drive to Airport Road, where you will be directed to the designated parking areas. DO NOT FOLLOW GPS RECOMMENDED ROUTES, Arrive Early and Expect Delays. Parking on the paved roads near the rally area is prohibited and will result in congestion, which could hinder first resp

Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton among speakers set for Trump Rally in Conroe, Texas

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino Texas Governor Greg Abbott, Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton among speakers set for Donald Trump's Upcoming Save America Rally in Conroe, Texas. The Trump Campaign has recently released a list of speakers who will address the crowd on January 29th, 2022. Event organizers confirmed Tuesday that gates would open at 8 a.m. and doors would open at 2 p.m. for the 4:30 p.m. event at  Montgomery County Fairgrounds  of Conroe, Texas.  Trump is set to speak at 7 p.m. We have received the given information attached below👇 Save America Announces Program Speakers for Conroe, Texas Rally President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will be joined by endorsed candidates, members of the Texas Congressional Delegation, and other special guests on Saturday, January 29th, 2022, in Conroe, TX. This Save America rally is a continuation of President Trump’s unprecedented effort to advance the MAGA agenda by energizing voters and hig

Tomi Lahren blasts Biden & Jen Psaki on Russia and Ukraine Crisis

"Tomi Lahren" by gageskidmore , CC BY-SA 2.0 Internet Sensation and Fox Nation Host Tomi Lahren have recently blasted the Biden Administration on Russia and Ukraine. On her official social media account Tomi talk about the whole incident, she said: Just a reminder that Biden green-lighted Russia’s pipeline and shut ours down in South Dakota. Whose team is he playing for? Something tells me Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea aren’t too worried about our POTUS who said, “let’s go, Brandon, I agree” about his own damn self on a Christmas call. Call me crazy, but shouldn’t we worry about securing our own border before we fight battles for other nations?… Yeah, Jen, it’s just those wild guns on the streets finding their way into the hands of innocent thugs who have no choice but to use them. Bad guns! So sneaky and dangerous!! Earlier, US President Joe Biden held a meeting with his national security team, including National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, a day after Russian For

DeSantis announces an award of over $10 million in infrastructure funds to Sarasota County.

Gov. Ron DeSantis Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Awards Over $10 Million In Infrastructure Funds To Sarasota County. This will enhance water quality and protect from erosion, storms, and flooding in  Bay Park and surrounding communities. The funds will be given through the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s (DEO) Rebuild Florida Mitigation General Infrastructure Program. After awarding the funding DeSantis said: “Utilizing funding to make meaningful impacts on Florida communities is an important step we can take towards mitigating storm damage,” “The Sarasota community is better protected because of these projects at Bay Park, and I will continue to work with Secretary Eagle to make sure that communities in need are receiving funding and that our state investments make the biggest impact possible.” The Sarasota will use funds received from the Department of Economic Opportunity to make improvements at Bay Park in the City of Sarasota. Projects funded through this grant include wat

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Announces $2.3 Million In Workforce Training Funding

  Governor Ron DeSantis  At a press briefing earlier today, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) announced millions in funding for workforce training programs. He Announced $2.3 Million In Workforce Training Funding. These programs will help Floridians earn high-wage jobs and support the supply chain that is currently in great need of workers. Ron DeSantis made the announcement at the Hardee Campus of South Florida State College, an award recipient and strong performer in the Florida Department of Education’s (FDOE) rapid credentialing program. “Workforce education provides a pathway for Floridians to succeed, but also helps alleviate the damage being wrought by inflation and supply chain interruptions,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We are facing supply chain shortages caused by bad federal policies and a lack of investment in workers across our country. In Florida, we are stepping up by providing support to skilled trades that are essential for a strong economy.” This funding will help students

Kayleigh McEnany blasts Biden: ‘Most delusional White House Press Conference I've ever seen’

Kayleigh McEnany Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany punches President Joe Biden's Wednesday press conference. McEnany on Fox News show Outnumbered discusses the Biden's Press Conference, which shows Joe's accomplishments during his first year in office. "I thought that was the most delusional press conference I have ever seen," McEnany said. "He said he overperformed and that the American people give him a 33% approval rating in Quinnipiac." Kayleigh challenged Biden in several areas where he claimed success, including the economy and Afghanistan. "He begins by touting the economy, where the American people give them an approval rating of anywhere between 36% and 40%. He said he did not make a mistake in Afghanistan, but the American people say, 'Nope, 31% approval, President Biden,'" McEnany continued. McEnany went on to say that by the end of the press conference, she was "genuinely scared for the future of our

If Trump said half of what Biden is saying right now, reporters would be screaming.

Kayleigh McEnany at the White House during Press Briefing For all the talk of "Sleepy Joe" or complaints about his not facing the press conference, on Wednesday President Biden demonstrated to the American people his firm grasp of both domestic and foreign policy issues in what was the longest press conference from a president in recent American history.  After this Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Blasts this President Joe Biden's 'outrageous' press conference. In her official statement what McEnany said, we are going to show you here, she said: If Trump said half of what Biden is saying right now, reporters would be screaming. But it's Biden, so they don't even bother to follow up. Commenting about the approval rating of this press conference, McEnany said: Biden's second solo press conference at the White House is TODAY, as the American People give him an abysmal 33% approval rating. (Quinnipiac)  We will break it down on Fox News

Sarah Sanders Raises Whopping $12.8 million For Arkansas gubernatorial campaign

  Former White House Press Secretary & Donald Trump Supporter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ says she has raised over $12.8 million total from more than 87,000 donors in less than one year since announcing her run for Arkansas gubernatorial bid. That includes over $1.6 million in the fourth quarter of 2021. In a press release on Tuesday, Jan. 18, Sarah’s campaign reported she had raised $4.4 million from nearly 11,000 Arkansans. It was also reported she had over $7 million in cash on hand heading into the election year. On her social media handles, Sarah wrote: “Our campaign’s record-breaking support across the state is a testament to the leader Arkansans want – one who will invest in our kids’ education while ensuring parental control, create higher-paying jobs, and keep our communities safe,” Sanders said.  Sanders is the only announced GOP candidate for Governor after AG Leslie Rutledge dropped out of the race back in November 2021, and Lieutenant Governor Tim Griffin dropped out in F

Ivanka Trump breaks INTERNET after 8 months of silence!

  Ivanka Trump volunteering in New York Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump's eldest daughter breaks INTERNET silence after EIGHT months to share photos of herself volunteering at a food drive in New York. Ivanka, who hasn’t updated his subscribers since posting a photo of him receiving his second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in May 2021, took to Instagram, Facebook & Twitter this morning to thank those who helped the hungry this holiday. helped to feed. weather. Ivanka Trump last week partnered with billionaire Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya to deliver produce to families in need, and she shared photos of her day handing out fruits and vegetables in Rochester on Instagram. She Wrote: Thank you to our many incredible partners and volunteers who helped feed tens of thousands of American families across Idaho and NY, with fresh, nutritious, locally-sourced produce and dairy this holiday season. ✔️1.1 Million pounds of locally sourced dairy🥛+ produce 🍎delivered ✔️1.3 Million mea

President Trump announces his endorsement of Congressman Gary Palmer.

President Donald J. Trump announces his endorsement of Congressman Gary Palmer. On his official website, Trump released a text message: Congressman Gary Palmer is doing tremendous work for the Great State of Alabama! A strong advocate of our America First agenda, Gary is fighting for Energy Independence, Secure Borders, Lower Taxes, better care for our Military and Vets, and to protect and defend our Second Amendment. Gary Palmer has my Complete and Total Endorsement! Gary Palmer is Proudly serving the people of Alabama's 6th Congressional District. Chairman of House House GOP Policy Committee and member of Energy & Commerce GOP Committee. MEET GARY Gary Palmer Biography Mr. Gary grew up in Hackleburg, a small town in Northwest Alabama, and now he lives in Hoover and represents Alabama’s 6th Congressional District. Gary attended the University of Alabama and was the first person on either side of his family to attend college. In addition, he was a walk-on member of the footbal

Four Silos Brewery & Coffee Bar are getting attacked for being at the Trump Rally. Let’s step forward and help them.

  President Trump With Kari Lake at Arizona Rally President Donald Trump held the largest political rally in Florence, Arizona's history. Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Arizona Governor, Kari Lake has recently asked supporters to help Four Silos Brewery & Coffee Bar which was attacked for being at the Trump Arizona Rally. Kari on her Facebook and Instagram Account wrote: America First patriots. It’s time that we start celebrating and supporting businesses who share our love for this country. Four Silos Brewery & Coffee Bar is a good one. They are getting attacked for being at the Trump Rally. Let’s step forward and help them. We can’t allow the radical left and the swamp to take our freedom of speech away and cancel us this election cycle. There’s too much at stake. @foursilosbrewery On her request patriots are supporting Four Silos Brewery & Coffee Bar, one of the Trump supporters told us that:  I will ALWAYS support small-owned, family businesses, you know that by now!