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'We Are Winning': AOC Praises The Green New Deal And The Push To Fight Climate Change

  Photo credit: nrkbeta/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr "We Are Winning': AOC Celebrates 5 Years of the Green New Deal, Highlights Progress, and Charts the Future in Democratic Press Briefing" At a recent Democratic press briefing, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) passionately spoke about the Green New Deal, praising its impact on climate policy and job creation. In her address, she reflected on the journey of the Green New Deal over the past five years, debunking initial criticisms and emphasizing the strides made in addressing the climate crisis. The Birth of a Vision: Representative Ocasio-Cortez began by acknowledging the inception of the Green New Deal, a visionary 10-year plan for social and ecological transformation aimed at saving the planet. The three core principles outlined were to accelerate decarbonization, create millions of jobs, and ensure no community is left behind in the transformation. Facing Early Criticisms: The Green New Deal faced immediate

BREAKING: Trump’s Attorney Delivers Opening Argument Before Supreme Court In Ballot Eligibility Case

  Donald Trump Trump’s Attorney Challenges Ballot Eligibility Case in Supreme Court In a pivotal legal development, Jonathan Mitchell, former President Donald Trump's attorney, delivered the opening arguments in Trump v. Anderson before the Supreme Court on Thursday. The case revolves around the eligibility of President Trump to be covered by Section 3 and the subsequent implications for ballot access. Mitchell passionately argued that the decision of the Colorado Supreme Court must be reversed, presenting several independent reasons to support his case. His primary contention is that President Trump is not covered by Section 3, emphasizing that the term "officer of the United States" in the Constitution pertains exclusively to appointed officials, excluding elected individuals such as the president or members of Congress. The attorney draws attention to the language used in key constitutional clauses—the Commission Clause, Impeachment Clause, and Appointments Clause—all