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Pierre Poilievre: Canada's inflation rate has risen to 5.1% As Prime Minister, I will end it.

Pierre Poilievre (via Facebook )   Pierre Poilievre says Canada's inflation rate has risen to 5.1% Pierre on his official social media accounts wrote: inflation balloons further to 5.1%. Attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau he called this JustinFlation . Pierre also claimed that as a Prime Minister of Canada, he will end this but for this supporters need to help him by simply filling this google doc . After filling in these details the subscribers or the Pierre Supporters will stay in contact with him and get important updates. The consumer price index (CPI) increased 5.1 percent in January from a year earlier, marking the first time the index has exceeded 5% since September 1991, Statistics Canada reported on Feb. 16. Inflation at that speed guarantees the Bank of Canada (BOC) will raise interest rates at the conclusion of its next round of policy deliberations on March 2 and could stoke the debate over whether Gov. Tiff Macklem (Governor of the Bank of Canada)  and his deputie

'I'm proud of the truckers,' says Conservative Poilievre in lambasting PM Trudeau's response to protests

Pierre Poilievre (via  Facebook )   'I'm proud of the truckers,' says Conservative Pierre Poilievre in lambasting Canadian Prime Minister  Justin Trudeau's response to protests. Poilievre also blames PM Trudeau for the situation, which is paralyzing critical infrastructure at the Canadian border. PM Candidate Pierre in his speech said: “I’m proud of the truckers and I stand with them,” Poilievre said in an interview recorded on Thursday for next week’s episode of the Postmedia podcast Full Comment with Anthony Furey . “They have reached a breaking point after two years of massive government overreach of a prime minister who insults and degrades anyone who disagrees with his heavy-handed approach. “But let’s be honest, if Canadians are being inconvenienced, or in any way suffering from these protests, it is because Justin Trudeau made these protests happen and his intransigence is keeping the protests going,” he added. Poilievre said it looks to him like Trudeau put a v