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Donald Trump Calls Supreme Court Hearing On His Ballot Eligibility A 'Very Beautiful Process'

  Donald Trump "Trump Hails 'Beautiful Process' at Supreme Court Hearing on Ballot Eligibility Amidst Allegations of Election Interference" Former President Donald Trump held a press briefing at Mar-a-Lago, expressing his optimism and satisfaction with the Supreme Court hearing on his ballot eligibility. Trump commended the legal proceedings as a "very beautiful process," emphasizing the importance of upholding democracy despite what he characterized as a challenging political landscape. During the briefing, Trump addressed his concerns about what he perceived as the "radical left ideas" and the "weaponization of politics." He claimed that these practices, though illegal, were being employed, leading to a "tough situation" in the country. Trump asserted that his involvement in various court cases, including those initiated by attorney generals and district attorneys, were riddled with alleged election interference, especially wh