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Senator John Kennedy: 'If I Make It To Heaven, Someday I'm Going To Ask' This

  Facebook/JohnNeelyKennedy During a Senate Republican press briefing, Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana spoke out against a new crime bill proposed by the Washington, D.C., City Council. In his remarks, Senator Kennedy made two points, arguing that all individuals are responsible for their actions and that government's primary role is to protect people and their property. Senator Kennedy began by thanking Senator Haggerty for leading the effort against the crime bill. He then emphasized the importance of personal responsibility, stating that individuals are responsible for their actions, regardless of how they are feeling or what has been done to them. He called this a bedrock principle of an ordered society, implying that the proposed crime bill does not align with this principle. Senator Kennedy then expressed confusion about individuals who are "anti-social" and harm others without any apparent cause. He argued that these individuals are not sick or confused, but simp

Senator John Kennedy Has Blunt Message For Taylor Swift And Bruce Springsteen

Facebook/JohnNeelyKennedy At Tuesday's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) urged musical artists to cap their ticket prices. A senator has called on musical artists to limit the amount they charge for concert tickets. Senator Kennedy in his Senate remarks said: You want to hold down prices and cut out the middlemen and middlewomen. You want to cut out bots and make them non-transferable or transferable only at face value. Couldn't a major artist have Bruce Springsteen say whose music I love and then say, "Look, I've got market power?" "I'm going to set this price for the ticket, I'm going to set this price for the service fee, and it's going to be non-transferable." Couldn't a large corporation with market power do that? If you care about the consumer, you're going to hold the price down; you're going to cut out the middle man. Now we still have the problem of some of your colleagues saying you'r

'I Think That's A Fair Question To Ask': John Kennedy Speaks To Ketanji Brown Jackson

Facebook/JohnNeelyKennedy At yesterday's Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, Senator John Kennedy (Republican-LA) spoke about the "appropriate role" of the federal judiciary, calling for federal judges not to make law. His remarks were also reported on his official website . Sen. Kennedy speaks to Ketanji Brown and said: Congratulations. In addition to honors the wonderful state of Minnesota, and unless you correct me, I am going to assume that your purple attire is also meant to honor LSU and my state.  I want to compliment you and the Biden White House for selecting senator Doug Jones to advise you. Senator Jones knows the senate and the senate knows senator Jones. And we know him to be quite the intellect.  Talking about the Good judgment and the United States Supreme Court, Kennedy said: But more importantly, we know him to be a person of good judgment and goodwill. And I am glad that you have been liste