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'Mitt Romney is Kryptonite': Donald Trump Attacks Utah Senator At A Rally in Conway, South Carolina

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino "Trump Unleashes Fury: Mitt Romney Labeled 'Kryptonite' in Conway Rally Attack" In a fiery rally held in Conway, South Carolina, former President Donald Trump targeted Utah Senator Mitt Romney, dubbing him as political "Kryptonite." The scathing remarks were made during a speech where Trump also touched upon various political dynamics, including endorsements, the influence of certain figures, and the intricate nature of political allegiances. Trump wasted no time in expressing his disdain for Romney, painting him as a toxic force that can singlehandedly dismantle political careers. Drawing on past experiences, Trump recounted an instance where he had endorsed a certain senator, propelling them to a substantial lead. However, when Romney entered the scene with his endorsement, the senator's lead dwindled from a commanding 44 points to a concerning 10-point deficit. The former President did not shy away from