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Reporter: How Can You Possibly Even Consider Running For Re-Election... After All The Harm You've Caused?

  Source - Lori Lightfoot At her press briefing earlier today, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot was asked a pointed question about why she'd run for re-election. The video has been shared on Forbes Breaking News Youtube channel, which you can see here. Reporter: Mayor Lightfoot every time you have a press conference you say crime is down the economy is booming.  Lightfoot: Well that's not that's not true but get your question sir? Reporter: Across the street we had a police officer on duty the victim of a hit and run. We have Michigan avenue the magnificent miles, Now referred to as the mile of fear the water tower place has thrown the keys back to the lender, they say they don't want to be in Chicago anymore. Real chicagoans are asking me how could you possibly even consider running for re-election as Mayor of the city of Chicago after all the harm you've caused? Lightfoot: Well, I disagree with you fundamentally and I don't think I need to address and dignify you

Reporter To Lori Lightfoot: 'Are You Lying Or Are You Incompetent?'

  Source - Lori Lightfoot At her press briefing yesterday, a reporter (William Kelly) pressed Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot over violent crime. We are going to show you the complete conversation as well as the short clip of this news conference, which is shown below this article. So Let's get started. Lori Lightfoot: Sir just every other reporter sir can you please ask your question the reporter held the microphone I don't believe that that's correct but go ahead  Reporter: I have a lot of questions ask your questions, okay, So Mayor Lori Lightfoot every time i ask you about crime in Chicago you say crime is down. Real Chicagoans know that that's not true that crime is up violent sexual assaults it's on the news every day up violent carjackings every day hit and run 100-day hit and run of Chicagoans.  Lori Lightfoot: Do you have a question? Reporter: Yes the obvious question that I've been asked by real Chicagoans to ask you is, Are you lying or are you incompete