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Sen. Tim Scott Says Biden Is Not Fit To Serve As POTUS, Calls Out 'President Of Mexico' Gaffe

  Photo credit: North Charleston/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr "Tim Scott Challenges Biden's Fitness for Office: Questions Surrounding Special Council, Military Leadership, and the 'President of Mexico' Gaffe" Introduction: In a recent video released on social media, Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered a powerful critique of President Joe Biden's press briefing, raising concerns about the president's fitness for office. Scott, known for his candid remarks, focused on the implications of a potential Special Council finding that Biden is unfit to stand before a jury with access to classified documents. This article delves into Scott's comments, exploring the broader context of the Special Council, military leadership, and the notable "President of Mexico" gaffe that unfolded during Biden's press conference. Special Council Investigation: Senator Scott began his critique by expressing deep reservations about President Biden's suitability for