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Trump Goes Off On 'Woke Military' In South Carolina Campaign Swing For GOP Presidential Nomination

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino In his remarks in Columbia, South Carolina, on Saturday, former President Trump slammed the "woke military." We have a woke military that can't fight or win, as proven in Afghanistan, the way they were taken out with such disgrace. The people in the military are so great, but the leadership at the top is just a disgrace. That should have never ever happened, and we had it way down in Afghanistan. Everyone up here knows about it, and we were doing great; they respected us. Abdul, the head of the Taliban, is killing a lot of our people; he was killing them, shooting them in the Obama Administration. Trump said of Abdul, "I criticized, I said Abdul don't do it, Abdul yes, your Excellency, I understand."I said if you do it we are going to hit you harder than anybody has ever been hit in the history of our country, and that's very hard because we do have a great military. A lot of people don't even reali