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Kari Lake Asks Crowd To Wave At Media 'If You've Tuned Them Out'

  Kari Lake with Donald Trump At her rally last night, Kari Lake asked the crowd to wave at the "fake news" media.   Kari Lake, the Republican gubernatorial nominee in Arizona, held a major rally in Chandler on Tuesday. accompanied by Florida Representative Byron Donald and conservative activists Charlie Kirk and Steve Bannon. Lake took aim at the media, claiming she has received 100 percent negative coverage. She accused reporters of spreading fake news. Emulating former President Trump's trademark attack line She then asked members of the crowd to turn around and wave to the assembled reporters if they no longer trusted them. Lake, a former TV news anchor turned Republican politician, has become a major rising star in the Republican Party. Current polling shows her with a strong lead against Katie Hobbs, who has refused to engage Lake in a gubernatorial debate.  The Trump facts suggest that Lake's potential victory would send shockwaves through the American poli

LIVE: Gov. Ron DeSantis Holds Unite and Win Rally for Trump Backed Candidates in Phoenix, AZ August 14, 2022

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Hosts a Unite and Win Rally in Phoenix, AZ on August 14, 2022, in support of Trump-backed candidates. DeSantis will be holding a Unite and Win Rally in Arizona this week. DeSantis is expected to speak at Arizona Financial Theatre in Phoenix.  Trump-endorsed candidates Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and many more will also join Gov. Ron DeSantis this Sunday in Phoenix, AZ for a Unite & Win Rally!  The BIG NEWS is that! The venue for this event is recently changed, it has been moved to one of the biggest indoor venue spaces in Phoenix—Arizona Financial Theater. A bigger venue means more people can attend— get your ticket now and register for free. Media Outlets like RSBN, Fox 10 Phoenix, Newsmax, and many more will also cover this event. Join RSBNetwork LIVE from Arizona at a Unite and Win Rally with Ron DeSantis in support of President Donald J. Trump-backed candidates Kari Lake, and Blake Masters. With live co

'Nancy Pelosi Has A Wall Wrapped Around Her House': Trump Rips Pelosi Over Border Security

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino At a rally last week, former President Donald Trump spoke about border security. Do watch his video below: 'Nancy Pelosi Has A Wall Wrapped Around Her House': Trump Rips Pelosi Over Border Security at a Save America Rally in Prescott Valley Arizona , last week. Trump said: Make America Safe Again Under Joe Biden last year, murders hit their highest rate we think ever in the history of our country. Under a republican congress, we should pass emergency funding to hire thousands more police officers which we'll be doing, nationwide to put violent criminals behind bars, and keep them behind bars.  Leave our police alone let them do their job and give them back the respect they deserve. They know what to do, and they can solve the problem. We have to allow them to do what they can do best instead of targeting republicans, conservatives, Christians, and patriotic parents, the Biden administration should try going and dismantli

Is Kari Lake censored on Twitter? Is Twitter blocking the front runner for Arizona Governor?

  Kari Lake with Donald Trump Is Kari Lake blocked on Twitter? Is Twitter blocking the front runner for Arizona Governor? Is Twitter interfering in Arizona Elections? Such questions are continuously raised here on social media because Twitter has recently censored the Trump-endorsed Kari Lake, who is running for the AZ Governor. Kari Lake from her Facebook account claimed that: Today, Twitter locked me out of my account in a pathetic attempt to censor the Robson Refund Scandal.  Why does Twitter want to censor the TRUTH about my opponent and her scamming thousands of Americans out of their hard-earned money? So, Twitter has censored another patriot Today.  We must be right over the target. The RINOS, the Media, The Left & Big Tech — they are ALL trying to bring down our Movement.  SHARE THIS. I rely on YOU to get our message out. It’s game time, folks. 

Is there a Trump Rally Today at Prescott Valley in Arizona? Check out Donald Trump's response here

  President Trump With Kari Lake at Arizona Rally Is there a Trump Rally Today at Prescott Valley in Arizona tonight? You guys were also thinking about when the Next Trump Rally takes place as recently Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump died, Ivana Trump died from an accident, blunt impact injuries, New York City medical examiner ruled.  Earlier Trump Prescott Valley Save America Rally was scheduled for tonight (July 16, 2022) but the postponement comes after Trump’s first wife, Ivana Trump, died on Thursday in New York City at the age of 73. In a short statement, the former president said that he was delaying this rally out of love and respect for Ivana and he thanked everybody for their support. Of course, Ivana is the mother to Trump's three eldest children (Don Jr. Ivanka & Eric) For Trump, this will be the second visit of the year to Arizona a state where he's spent plenty of political capital. The primary election in Arizona is seen as a rea