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Kayleigh McEnany blasts Biden: ‘Most delusional White House Press Conference I've ever seen’

Kayleigh McEnany
Kayleigh McEnany

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany punches President Joe Biden's Wednesday press conference. McEnany on Fox News show Outnumbered discusses the Biden's Press Conference, which shows Joe's accomplishments during his first year in office.

"I thought that was the most delusional press conference I have ever seen," McEnany said. "He said he overperformed and that the American people give him a 33% approval rating in Quinnipiac."

Kayleigh challenged Biden in several areas where he claimed success, including the economy and Afghanistan.

"He begins by touting the economy, where the American people give them an approval rating of anywhere between 36% and 40%. He said he did not make a mistake in Afghanistan, but the American people say, 'Nope, 31% approval, President Biden,'" McEnany continued.

McEnany went on to say that by the end of the press conference, she was "genuinely scared for the future of our country."

"We've only had one year of President Biden, and look at the crises and the fires across the country that he completely ignores," she added.

Co-host of Fox News, Harris Faulkner began the segment with a clip of POTUS Biden saying that he didn’t “believe” polls that suggested Americans were not happy with his performance thus far. “That’s interesting, Marc, and this isn’t a fact-check, just an observation. While he says he doesn’t believe them, how come he knew all the numbers at one point?”

McEnany concluded her statements by saying that the real problem was a press that seemed uninterested in holding Joe's feet to the fire and demanding answers.

“I was very disturbed by the reporters — so I can tell you if President Donald J. Trump had said half of what Biden had said yesterday, reporters would’ve been screaming,” she said. “They would have had follow-ups. They would have spoken over Trump as he was speaking, ‘I’m sorry, Mr. President, that’s not true.’ They didn’t do that yesterday. It’s a toxic formula when you have a delusional president and a press corps that is just uninterested in basic follow-up.”

Apart from this on Wednesday Kayleigh blasts Biden on her official Facebook account by saying these points:

If Trump said half of what Biden is saying right now, reporters would be screaming.

But it's Biden, so they don't even bother to follow up.

Biden's second solo press conference at the White House is TODAY, as the American People give him an abysmal 33% approval rating. (Quinnipiac) 

We will break it down on Fox News.

Only 33% approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing (Quinnipiac), so naturally Biden begins his press conference with scripted remarks in the teleprompter touting his great successes!

Biden can say what he wants about the economy, but here is what the American People say: 

➡️ Quinnipiac -- 36% approve of Biden's economy 

➡️ USA Today -- 39% approve 

➡️ Politico -- 40% approve 

The American People seem to disagree, Mr. President!

-BIDEN: "Should we have done more testing earlier? Yes." 

So why didn't you? You were asleep at the wheel.

The most Hillarious Response McEanany posted on Sleepy Joe was this:

-If price increases are what you're worried about, then-President Biden says his multi-TRILLION dollar plan is the answer. 

That plan is dead in the water because reasonable minds understand it would FUEL inflation!

-Biden says he DID NOT overpromise.

"I'm going to shut down the virus," he told us!

-Biden has OUTPERFORMED expectations.

He wants to make sure you know that!

-Does Biden have any clue what is going on in the country?

What are his aides telling him?  

Has he not seen the dismal polling?

He says he did not overpromise, in fact, he has OUTPERFORMED.

Talking about the reporters Kayleigh McEnany said: 

-Where are the follow-ups from reporters? 

Why was there no pushback to Biden saying "it's one thing if it's a minor incursion" re Russia going into Ukraine?

Where is the pushback on Biden claiming he "outperformed" expectations?

The list goes on All pleasantries, no pushback!



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