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If Trump said half of what Biden is saying right now, reporters would be screaming.

Kayleigh Mcenany in the White house
Kayleigh McEnany at the White House during Press Briefing

For all the talk of "Sleepy Joe" or complaints about his not facing the press conference, on Wednesday President Biden demonstrated to the American people his firm grasp of both domestic and foreign policy issues in what was the longest press conference from a president in recent American history. 

After this Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Blasts this President Joe Biden's 'outrageous' press conference. In her official statement what McEnany said, we are going to show you here, she said:

If Trump said half of what Biden is saying right now, reporters would be screaming.

But it's Biden, so they don't even bother to follow up.

Commenting about the approval rating of this press conference, McEnany said:

Biden's second solo press conference at the White House is TODAY, as the American People give him an abysmal 33% approval rating. (Quinnipiac) 

We will break it down on Fox News.

Only 33% approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing (Quinnipiac), so naturally Biden begins his press conference with scripted remarks in the teleprompter touting his great successes!

Biden can say what he wants about the economy, but here is what the American People say: 
➡️ Quinnipiac -- 36% approve of Biden's economy 
➡️ USA Today -- 39% approve 
➡️ Politico -- 40% approve 
The American People seem to disagree, Mr. President!

-BIDEN: "Should we have done more testing earlier? Yes." 
So why didn't you? You were asleep at the wheel.

The most Hillarious Response McEanany posted on Sleepy Joe was this:

-If price increases are what you're worried about, then-President Biden says his multi-TRILLION dollar plan is the answer. 
That plan is dead in the water because reasonable minds understand it would FUEL inflation!

-Biden says he DID NOT overpromise.
"I'm going to shut down the virus," he told us!

-Biden has OUTPERFORMED expectations.

He wants to make sure you know that!

-Does Biden have any clue what is going on in the country?

What are his aides telling him?  

Has he not seen the dismal polling?

He says he did not overpromise, in fact, he has OUTPERFORMED.

Talking about the reporters Kayleigh McEnany said: 

-Where are the follow-ups from reporters? 

Why was there no pushback to Biden saying "it's one thing if it's a minor incursion" re Russia going into Ukraine?

Where is the pushback on Biden claiming he "outperformed" expectations?

The list goes on

All pleasantries, no pushback!

Now below you can see the Questions and Answers that were asked by the reporters during Biden's Press Conference👇 Q Thank you, Mr. President. I know some of my colleagues will get into some specific issues, but I wanted to zoom out on your first year in office. Inflation is up. Your signature domestic legislation is stalled in Congress. In a few hours from now, the Senate — an effort in the Senate to deal with voting rights and voting — voting reform legislation is going to fail. COVID-19 is taking the lives of 1,500 Americans every day. And the nation’s divisions are just as raw as they were a year ago. Did you overpromise to the American public what you could achieve in your first year in office? And how do you plan to course-correct going forward? THE PRESIDENT: Why are you such an optimist? (Laughter.) Look, I didn’t overpromise, but I have probably outperformed what anybody thought would happen. The fact of the matter is that we’re in a situation where we have made enormous progress. You mentioned the number of deaths from COVID; well, it was three times that not long ago. It’s coming down. Everything is changing. It’s getting better. Look, I didn’t overpromise, but I think if you take a look at what we’ve been able to do, you’d have to acknowledge we made enormous progress. But one of the things that I think is something that — one thing I haven’t been able to do so far is get my Republican friends to get in the game of making things better in this country. For example, I was reading the other day — and I — I wrote the quote down so I don’t misquote him — a quote from Senator Sununu, when he decided that he wasn’t going to — excuse me, Governor Sununu — when he decided he wasn’t going to run for the Senate in New Hampshire. Here’s what he said: “They were all, for the most…” — quote — “They were all, for the most part, content with the speed at which they weren’t doing anything. It was very clear that we just had to hold the line for two years. Okay, so I’m just going to be a roadblock for the next two years? That’s not what I do,” Sununu said. He went on to say, “It bothered me that they were okay with that.” And then he goes on to say, “I said, okay, so we’re not going to get stuff done if we win the White House back” — “if we win the White House back.” “Why didn’t [we] do [anything] in 2017 and 2018?” And then, he said — how did the Republicans Sununu spoke to answer the challenge? He said, “Crickets. Yeah, crickets. They had no answer.” I did not anticipate that there’d be such a stalwart effort to make sure that the most important thing was that President Biden didn’t get anything done. Think about this: What are Republicans for? What are they for? Name me one thing they’re for. And so, the problem here is that I think what happens — what I have to do, and the change in tactic, if you will: I have to make clear to the American people what we are for. We’ve passed a lot. We’ve passed a lot of things that people don’t even understand what’s all that’s in it, understandably. Remember when we passed the Affordable Care Act and everybody thought that — you know, and it really was getting pummeled and beaten? And it wasn’t until after you’re out of office, and that next campaign when — that off-year campaign. And I went into a whole — I wasn’t in office anymore. We were in a whole bunch of districts campaigning for Democrats in Republican districts who said they wanted to do away with — with healthcare, with Obamacare. And I started pointing out that if you did that, preexisting conditions would no longer be covered. And they said, “Huh? We didn’t know that. We didn’t know that.” And guess what? We won over 38 seats because we explained to the people exactly what, in fact, had passed. And one of the things that I remember saying — and I’ll end this — I remember saying to President Obama, when he passed the Affordable Care Act — I said, “You ought to take a victory lap.” And he said, “There’s so many things going on, we have don’t have time to take a victory lap.” As a consequence, no one knew what the detail of the legislation was. They don’t know a lot of the detail of what we passed. So, the difference is, I’m going to be out on the road a lot, making the case around the country, with my colleagues who are up for reelection and others, making the case of what we did do and what we want to do, what we need to do. And so, I don’t think I’ve overpromised at all. And I’m going to stay on this track. You know, one of the things that I remember — and I’ll end this with — I was talking with, you know, Jim Clyburn, who was a great help to me in the campaign in South Carolina. And Jim said — and when he would endorse me — and there was a clip on television the last couple days of Jim. And it said that we want to make things accessible and affordable for all Americans. That’s healthcare, that’s education, that’s prescription drugs, that’s making sure you have access — access to all the things that everybody else has. We can afford to do that. We can’t afford not to do it. So, I tell my Republican friends: Here I come. This is going to be about “what are you for” — “what are you for” — and lay out what we’re for. Mary Bruce, ABC. Q Thank you, Mr. President. You mentioned your Republican colleagues. But right now, your top two legislative priorities — your social spending package and voting rights legislation — are stalled, blocked by your own party, after months of negotiation. You are only guaranteed control of Washington for one more year before the midterms. Do you need to be more realistic and scale down these priorities in order to get something passed? THE PRESIDENT: No, I don’t think so. When you say “more realistic,” I think it’s extremely realistic to say to people, because — let me back up. You all really know the politics in this country, and your networks and others. You’ve spent a lot of time, which I’m glad you do, polling this data, determining where the — what the American people’s attitudes are, et cetera. The American people overwhelmingly agree with me on prescription drugs. They overwhelmingly agree with me on the cost of education. They overwhelmingly agree with me on early education. They overwhel- — and go on the list — on — on childcare. And so, we just have to make the case what we’re for and what the other team is not for. Look, we knew all along that a lot of this was going to be an uphill fight. And one of the ways to do this is to make sure we make the contrast as clear as we can. And one of the things that I think is — we’re going to have to do is just make the case. I don’t think there’s anything unrealistic about what we’re asking. I’m not trying to — I’m not asking for castles in the sky; I’m asking for practical things the American people have been asking for for a long time — a long time. And I think we can get it done. Q You say, though, that you’re not going to scale down any of these priorities. But, so far, that strategy isn’t working. You haven’t been able to get some of these big legislative ticket items done. THE PRESIDENT: Oh, I got two real big ones done. Better than any president has ever gotten in the first year. (Laughs.) Q But currently, Mr. President, your spending package, voting rights legislation, they’re not going anywhere. THE PRESIDENT: That’s true. Q So, is there anything that you are confident you can get signed into law before the midterm elections? THE PRESIDENT: Yes, I’m confident we can get pieces — big chunks of the Build Back Better law signed into law. And I’m confident that we can take the case to the American people that the people they should be voting for — who are going to oversee whether your elections, in fact, are legit or not — should not be those who are being put up by the Republicans to det- — to determine that they’re going to be able to change the outcome of the election. So whether or not we can actually get election — and by the way, I haven’t given up. We haven’t finished the vote yet on what’s going on — on the — on voting rights and the John Lewis bill and others. But so, look, this is — I’ve been engaged a long time in public policy. And I don’t know many things that have been done in one fell swoop. And so, I think the be- — the most important thing to do is try to inform — not educate — inform the public of what’s at stake, in stark terms, and let them make judgments and let them know who’s for them and who’s again [against] them, who’s there and who’s not there, and make that the case. And that’s what I’m going to be spending my time doing in this off-year election. Q And just very quickly, you mentioned Republicans and reaching out to them. Some Republicans who may be open to major changes on voting rights — for instance, like Mitt Romney — he says he never even received a phone call from this White House. Why not? THE PRESIDENT: Well, I like Mitt — look, Mitt Romney is a straight guy. He’s — and one of the things that we’re doing, I was trying to make sure we got everybody on the same page in my party on this score. And I didn’t call many Republicans at all. The fact is that there — I do think that Mitt is a serious guy. I think we can get things done. I think — I predict to you they’ll get something done on the electoral reform side of this. But rather than judge what’s going to get done and not get done, all I can say is I’m going to continue to make the case why it’s so important to not turn the electoral process over to political persons who are set up deliberately to change the outcome of elections. There were too many questions and answers which you can read on the official White House website.



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