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Donald Trump With Patriots in Wellington, Ohio
Donald Trump's MASSIVE Rally in Wellington, Ohio

As we know, the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump Holds his MASSIVE Political Rally for Max Miller at Lorain County, Wellington, Ohio this week. More than 10 million viewers watched this MASSIVE MAGA event on the internet. Famous conservative American Media company RSBN (Right Side Broadcasting Network) already claimed that "NEARLY 5 MILLION VIEWERS TUNED IN TO TRUMP’S OHIO RALLY ON RSBN" You can check this update below our article. For Seeing the Crowd Photographs we had already wrote this for you: How many people attended Trump Rally in Wellington, Ohio? Check it out

On YouTube alone, RSBN saw a grand total of 2.3 million viewers. 1.4 million watched on Facebook and approximately 1.1 million watched on Rumble. But wait, this is only "RSBN" what about other handles on Youtube & Internet?  We have filtered the Youtube Search results with Donald Trump's Ohio rally this week & found there are several other media outlets also covered this MASSIVE MAGA Rally on Youtube including NewsMax TV, FOX 32 Chicago, WKYC Channel 3, David Pakman Show, WBNS 10TV, Political Hub International, US Hub & many more, if you guys count, just Youtube views are crossing this mark of 10 million and think about other platforms like Facebook, Rumble Etc. And if you guys count the numbers of short clips updated on Ohio Rally the mark of 10 million is even shorter.

Nowadays youtube is also censoring President Trump's speech so, we don't know if these videos will there on their platform forever or may take down as BIG Tech is censoring President Trump by banning him from their platform. From Youtube, Facebook to even Instagram, 45th President Donald Trump is not able to post anything for his supporters on these platforms. So the only way left for patriots to connect is either his official website or the "Rumble" as they are allowing the content and videos. 

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