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JUST IN: Nikki Haley Reacts To Trump's Endorsement Of A New RNC Chair And Lara Trump As Co-Chair


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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Trump's RNC Shake-Up Sparks Controversy: Nikki Haley's Candid Response and Concerns Over Party Direction

In a surprising turn of events, former Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) shared her candid thoughts during a campaign event in Bamberg, SC, addressing former President Donald Trump's recent endorsement of Michael Whatley for RNC Chair and Lara Trump as Co-Chair. Haley's remarks shed light on the tumultuous dynamics within the Republican Party and raised questions about the party's future.

Haley began by recounting Trump's earlier attempt to secure the RNC's nomination without a formal vote, emphasizing the importance of allowing South Carolinians and citizens across the nation the right to participate in the democratic process. According to Haley, Trump's initial approach, seeking a presumptive nomination, faced backlash, leading him to reconsider.

However, the former President opted for a different strategy, firing the current RNC chair and appointing his daughter-in-law as co-chair, while also assigning his campaign manager as the party's operational leader. Haley expressed concern over the implications of such a move, suggesting that it raised questions about the integrity of the electoral process.

Haley further criticized Trump's response to recent court defeats, describing his reactions as rants and attempts to portray himself as a victim. She highlighted the release of campaign disclosures, revealing that $50 million in contributions had been allocated to personal court cases, raising concerns about financial transparency and the use of campaign funds.

What troubled Haley the most was Trump's failure to address crucial national issues during these incidents. Despite the pressing concerns such as education, national debt, border security, law and order in cities, and global conflicts, Haley noted that Trump's focus remained primarily on himself. She pointed out the absence of discussions on topics like the literacy crisis among eighth graders, the soaring national debt of $34 trillion, border issues, domestic law and order, and international conflicts that could jeopardize national security.

In conclusion, Haley's critique underscored her apprehensions about the party's direction under Trump's influence, raising questions about priorities and the potential impact on the Republican Party's standing in the eyes of the American people. The unfolding drama within the RNC, as highlighted by Haley, adds a new layer of complexity to the political landscape and invites further scrutiny into the future trajectory of the party.


  1. Q: Why did Nikki Haley express concern about Trump's endorsement of the new RNC chair and co-chair?

    • A: Haley was apprehensive about the perceived interference in the democratic process and the potential impact on the Republican Party's direction.

  2. Q: What was Trump's initial approach to securing the RNC nomination, according to Nikki Haley?

    • A: Trump initially sought a presumptive nomination without a formal vote, which faced backlash, leading to a reconsideration of strategy.

  3. Q: Who did Trump endorse for RNC Chair and Co-Chair?

    • A: Trump endorsed Michael Whatley for RNC Chair and his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, as Co-Chair.

  4. Q: How did Trump's initial attempt to secure the RNC nomination backfire?

    • A: Trump's attempt faced opposition, prompting a shift in strategy as he decided to fire the current RNC chair and make new appointments.

  5. Q: What was Nikki Haley's criticism regarding Trump's court defeats?

    • A: Haley criticized Trump for reacting with rants and portraying himself as a victim rather than addressing substantive issues.

  6. Q: What were the campaign disclosures that Nikki Haley mentioned?

    • A: Campaign disclosures revealed that Trump spent $50 million of campaign contributions on personal court cases.

  7. Q: What issues did Nikki Haley highlight as being neglected by Trump during these incidents?

    • A: Haley pointed out Trump's failure to address crucial national issues such as education, national debt, border security, law and order, and international conflicts.

  8. Q: Why did Nikki Haley emphasize the importance of allowing South Carolinians to vote on the RNC nomination?

    • A: Haley stressed the democratic principle of allowing citizens, including those in South Carolina, the right to participate in the nomination process.

  9. Q: Who did Trump appoint as the operational leader of the RNC?

    • A: Trump appointed his campaign manager as the operational leader of the RNC.

  10. Q: What does Nikki Haley believe is the problem with Trump's focus during these incidents?

    • A: Haley expressed concern that Trump's focus remained primarily on himself, rather than addressing critical national issues.

  11. Q: How did the RNC respond to Trump's endorsements?

    • A: The RNC, under Trump's influence, saw a change in leadership with the firing of the current chair and the appointment of new leadership.

  12. Q: Did Trump's strategy change after he lost the court case?

    • A: Yes, Trump shifted his strategy after losing the court case, leading to the endorsement of new RNC leadership.

  13. Q: What is the significance of Lara Trump's role as Co-Chair of the RNC?

    • A: Lara Trump's appointment as Co-Chair signifies a prominent position within the party and close ties to the Trump family.

  14. Q: How did Nikki Haley describe Trump's reaction to court defeats?

    • A: Haley characterized Trump's reaction as a rant and a focus on portraying himself as a victim.

  15. Q: What financial concerns did Nikki Haley raise regarding Trump's campaign contributions?

    • A: Haley raised concerns about the allocation of $50 million in campaign contributions to Trump's personal court cases.

  16. Q: Did Nikki Haley agree with Trump's approach of naming a new RNC chair and co-chair?

    • A: Haley expressed reservations about Trump's approach, suggesting it raised questions about the electoral process and party integrity.

  17. Q: How did Trump's endorsement of Michael Whatley impact the RNC's leadership structure?

    • A: Trump's endorsement led to the replacement of the current RNC chair with Michael Whatley.

  18. Q: Did Haley believe Trump's focus on himself was detrimental to the Republican Party?

    • A: Yes, Haley expressed concern that Trump's focus on himself could be detrimental to addressing critical national issues within the party.

  19. Q: What percentage of eighth graders did Nikki Haley mention as proficient in reading?

    • A: Haley stated that only 31% of eighth graders in the country are proficient in reading.

  20. Q: What did Haley identify as the potential consequences of Trump's strategy for the RNC?

    • A: Haley suggested that Trump's strategy could raise questions about the legitimacy of the electoral process and the party's commitment to democratic principles.


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