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Rep. Jim Jordan Leads Field Hearing Targeting Biden’s Border Policies In House Judiciary Cmte In Yuma, AZ


Jim Jordan

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

The House Judiciary Committee holds a field hearing in Yuma, Arizona, entitled, "Biden's Border Crisis - Part II."

Jim Jordan Leads Field Hearing Targeting Biden’s Border Policies In House Judiciary Cmte In Yuma, AZ

On February 23, 2023, Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio led a field hearing in Yuma, Arizona, targeting President Biden’s border policies. The hearing, held by the House Judiciary Committee, brought together experts and local officials to discuss the impact of the Biden administration's handling of the border crisis.

Throughout the hearing, Jordan and other Republican representatives criticized the Biden administration for its handling of the border crisis. Jordan specifically called out the administration for its decision to halt construction of the border wall, as well as its overall approach to border security.

“President Biden’s policies have led to an absolute disaster at our southern border,” Jordan said in his opening statement. “The wall is not being built, ICE is being defunded, and our border patrol agents are overwhelmed.”

Jordan went on to question the witnesses, who included Dr. Frank Trenchel, CEO of Yuma Regional Medical Center, and Sheriff Leon Wilmot of Yuma County. Dr. Trenchel discussed the strain that the influx of migrants has placed on local hospitals, particularly in terms of neonatal intensive care services. Sheriff Wilmot discussed the impact of the crisis on law enforcement, including the rise of cartel violence in the area.

The hearing also featured testimony from Supervisor Russell McCloud, who discussed his experience meeting with Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. McCloud accused Mayorkas of lying about his commitment to addressing gaps in border security infrastructure in Yuma.

“During that meeting, he committed to after reviewing the border both from the ground and the air to specifically address nine of the 11 Yuma gaps,” McCloud said. “And how many of those gaps have been addressed to date? So far, none.”

The hearing drew criticism from some Democrats, who argued that it was more about political grandstanding than actually addressing the border crisis. Representative Ted Lieu of California tweeted that “Republicans are holding a hearing in Yuma to score political points and push conspiracy theories.”

Despite the criticism, Jordan and other Republican representatives saw the hearing as an opportunity to highlight what they see as the failures of the Biden administration’s border policies. “This crisis has gone on long enough,” Jordan said in his closing statement. “It’s time for this administration to take action and secure our border.”

The hearing is just the latest example of the ongoing battle over border security and immigration policy in the United States. With no clear resolution in sight, it seems likely that this issue will continue to be a major point of contention in American politics for years to come.



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