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Joe Biden appears lost on stage after speech in New York; Americans call it 'embarrassing' | Watch


joe biden
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Hello, my friends, and welcome back to the US Hub. Thank you very much for being with me again.

Today I read an article and watched a video of the President of the United States, the leader of the Free World, Joe Biden, on the stage of Lost in Space. I don't know what he's supposed to do, or what I don't think he knows, what's going on at all. I don't know how these guys are just having sprints of energy and mental energy for this guy to read the teleprompter. I don't understand that.

This guy cannot function. I didn't have any problems with him I said, "Well, you know, he's just old and all that. Even though I understand that it is for his position, he has to be sharp, he has to be fit physically and mentally, he can't be full of energy, he's got so many issues at hand, but he has to analyze to make decisions.

He's not meeting the requirements for that position. He should be fired. The mass media doesn't say anything. Do you see the connection between the mass media, the politicians, and the sponsors of the big money interests?

I'm not going to agree to have this guy over there leading this country. That implies leading me as well. He is my representative, after all. He's not meeting the criteria to be in that position and complete those tax tasks, that's for sure.

You can access the video right here in the article below.

He was lost on the stage after addressing the Global Fund's Seventh Replenishment conference in New York. As he turned to leave the podium, the 79-year-old president stopped and was lost in space. He was like, "Look how he walks. He doesn't know what to do.

He's over there looking at the person on the podium, and a speaker who starts talking startles him. He's like, he doesn't know what's going on? Nobody jumped up to grab you by the arm and say, "This way, I'm going to lead you to your room, where you can sit down and watch TV and take a nap. And this is a person who has so much authority.

And if Biden announced that nearly 1.2 million U.S. citizens are living with the viral infection of about age, the global fund, you know AIDS and HIV. He is talking about billions of dollars, and this guy is lost. The thing is, this has been going on prior to the elections.

I don't want to give a person a mentality you should have if you just look at this person and say, "I'm just going to vote for this person. How can you in good faith vote for a person who you should also realize by watching his behavior that he's not all there?

How about Donald Trump?

Okay, how about Trump? He has been bold, competitive, directive, and self-assured. Obama was very articulated. Clinton was sneaky and smooth.


  1. Trump appears lost as NYAG files $250M lawsuit for real estate fraud, as his own appointed fake judge is admonished for flawed effort to stall the classified documents investigation and his own nominated Special Master calls out his lawyers for attempting to breach known protocols and delay the investigation into stolen classified documents.
    Almost enough said; Lost, sleepless, exhausted, clearly delusional facing bankruptcy, remaining lifetime in prison and international shame..'likes of which we've never seen before '!?

    1. Just another witch hunt by the evil demo rats, the raid on presidents home was an injustice and I firmly believe as do millions more that if any thing found their that is deemed criminal that it was planted by the desperate demo rats to keep him from running again and truly bring to light all their crimes, why else were no one allowed to enter his home during the raid to see what was going on ?

  2. Trump 2024. We may never recover from Brandon’s incompetency.

    1. Not with a true American, that being president Donald Trump

  3. We all know he's a pawn. Talk about lost, has anybody noticed Nancy Pelosi appears to be bat sh!t crazy. she's got the Shifty eyes and tried to speak on a late-night indoctrination show, they had to keep cutting in for breaks. All that easy money has made their heads soft or something.


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