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Why voting for the Republican Party & Dan Cox for Governor will be good for Maryland in 2022?


Daniel L. Cox

Daniel L. Cox
Maryland Politics 2022

Why voting Republican Party & Dan Cox for Governor will be good for Maryland in the upcoming 2022 Midterm Elections?

As we know, in Maryland, Trump-endorsed GOP candidate Dan Cox has won the primary race for MD governor. He defeated Kelly Schulz, Gov. Lary Hogan's endorsed candidate. Dan Cox has chosen Gordana Schifanelli as his running mate for lieutenant governor of Maryland. After the primary result, we talked to various people in Maryland, here is the review of one of the voters from the Republican Party:

I just wanted to make a post that I hope all Republicans and Independents take to heart. I did not vote for Dan Cox yesterday at MD primary election 2022. I actually voted for Kelly Schultz thinking that since she was more moderate - she would have a better chance of winning in November. But guess what, I woke up this morning to Dan Cox winning and I will 100% be voting for him in November.

Why the people are disheartened by Governor Larry Hogan in Maryland?

What really disheartened me this afternoon is seeing in the news that Larry Hogan will not be backing Dan. Today also goes down in history for me losing all my respect for Larry Hogan. I still remember back in 2013 when I first met Larry and he had no chance of winning I told him he had it and was proud of him. He kept his word for not raising taxes since O'Malley literally ran Maryland to the ground. (He taxed the rain at one point). 

The fact that there is no unity in the Republican party in Maryland that is why Democrats always win. Most Americans have values that favor the Republican party, but it's idiots like Larry Hogan who create division and problems. The Democrat party is totally united even with the squad! What Larry Hogan did today is just plain stupid and arrogant. 

I do know Dan Cox has an uphill battle, but when you subtract Montgomery and Prince Georges's County he has already won! Let's all try to educate our friends and family on why voting Republican will be good for our state and not use the same crazy antics the other side uses. Personally, for me, it is easy to convince people since I just ask them which party raised the sales tax and alcohol tax in the state. The answer is Democrat and O'Malley. If Wes Moore gets the nomination I see more free handouts, less law, and order, and a closer alignment with California



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