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Truth Social-DWAC Stock should see a substantial rise in price, following the future announcement of presidency by Trump


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DWAC- Truth Social Stock should see a substantial rise in price following the future announcement of the presidency by Donald Trump. 

DWAC is a Digital World Acquisition Corporation, it's this fact that Donald Trump used his social media product "Truth Social". Now we know that there is a federal probe that was announced a week ago, regarding some of the things that have happened in that company, now none of this stuff is real. 

My experience with DWAC Stock

You understand that the DWAC social media product when it went out and came to the market it showed up to about a hundred bucks on the first day. One of the basic rules of investing is when you have something like this going on with the hype and you know just absolute pandemonium with Donald Trump expect to see a massive movement.

It's rarely seen zero to a hundred for the social media digital product I think even something like how many pounds here. When I first started off, it started off at 7-8 bucks and went to 14, that day you know, it was a hundred and then it dropped down to a certain amount but it's pretty massive. 

DWAC Stock response after launching of Trump's Truth Social

They launched Truth Social media and then it became the number one app. It was massive, it was huge right shares leaked up 24 on Wednesday and so on and so forth, you know it was massive, but then did the trolls that the democrats were like we can't let Donald Trump blah blah blah. So let me tell you what happened, the Dan Berkowitz who used to work for the citadel, he's over at sec. right now. He is the guy who wants to sue Donald Trump because of some nonsense even though there's nothing there, So to be on the safe side Trump leaves, he says nope this isn't for me I'm leaving right now.

And they file a motion to leave his director on the eighth, not a big deal. He is still running the show, they still have company and he's making handover fists of money with that group, he is making money so after that happened you know you're asking yourself, okay well, what does it mean for the stock itself we look at the stock it's like 24.52 but after Friday it shot up to almost 32 dollars well it did go to 32.54 and then it came down a little bit.

Should we buy Truth Social DWAC Stock? What is the future of DWAC stock after the announcement of the presidency by Donald Trump?

There is a rumor of an announcement of Donald Trump running for president in 2024. All right for me, this is a buy, this is a buy because you can make money on that movement. I am hearing rumblings are basically saying the stock could go up to over 100 into the 200 range which is an outstanding amount of money that's a 10-20 bagger right there.

I think this is going to drop a little bit I think it's gonna be the 24-25 range again for a short period of time. You can also wait until this price comes back down from 30  and when it levels off it hits the 24-25 I would consider making a purchase. I am going to be buying it as soon as I get a chance as soon as that price comes down and that'll be the end of it, but when he announces about 2024 and this is happening, you know expecting a nice sizeable jump in the price maybe do a 100-200 dollars.

Why DWAC- Truth Social Stock is important?

This thing is going to be huge as another four years Donald Trump this is where people are going to be in turn, because he won't come back to Twitter, he just won't do it you know it's too much on the line there. So he will stay on his own social media product Truth Social. It will be the game-changer.

People are joining there are so many people on Truth Social, using it and hearing directly from former president Trump and it's growing every day which is the reason why they don't want him on the board. They don't want him succeeding in this because the Democrats are trying to screw this over for him, but it's slated to be a very popular Social Media product it's the alternative to Twitter and other social media offerings.

How is Truth Social App?

I think it's a fantastic product itself it's very simple to use, very easy to use and when Donald Trump makes a comment or does something on there like they're mobilized man it's like a military-type they just boom they show up and you know what's really wonderful for me is you know President Trump not post on another social media site, so for nearly six hours, you get the information first here on Truth Social rather than Twitter or anywhere else. So I am going to buy DWAC and I'm going to wait for that movement and I'm going to see if it comes down to 24 again because the price right now is at 32. 

See if it comes down a little bit then make the purchase and then wait for the announcement for Trump's 2024 possible presidency, I don't know when that's going to be, it could be closer to October it could be August I don't know I really don't have a clue but the fact that the midterms are right around the corner could signal. You know a sooner rather than later disclosure of presidency news so that's all I got for you guys.

As per the media reports on July 11, 2022: DWAC traded as high as $175 per share after its initial merger plans with Donald Trump’s social media company Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) were announced. But shares began to fall after the SEC began an investigation into the blank check company in December. The stock now trades at $30 a share.

Shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC), the special purpose acquisition company with plans to merge with former President Donald Trump’s social media site Truth Social, were up 17% Monday morning after Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he planned to terminate his $44 billion deal to buy Twitter. 



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