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'Possible That Hunter Biden's On To His Second Fix For The Night...': Lauren Boebert Mocks POTUS Son


lauren boebert
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

In House floor remarks last night, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) mocked Hunter Biden before opposing an amendment in the NDAA bill.

Lauren Boebert in her speech said:

Thank you and good morning, Mr. Speaker, I rise in opposition to amendment number 455. It's currently almost 2 a.m here on the house floor most Americans are asleep. In China, they're finishing up with lunch and after the videos, we've seen this week it's possible that Hunter Biden's on to his second fix for the night. But sadly we're here on the floor trying to sneak in land grabs to the NDAA. 

This federal land grab would lock up 400,000 acres in colorado with no regard for the terrible consequences. This would have on the constituents of colorado's third district. The bill also seeks to permanently prevent responsible oil and gas production on nearly 200000 acres. While Americans are paying record high gas prices, while Biden is shipping our oil reserves to the communists in China.

Democrats here in the house want to lock up more of our oil and gas under the ground never to be seen or utilized. 65 percent of the lands impacted by this amendment are in my district. Numerous stakeholders from the American colorado farm bureaus to the grand junction chamber of commerce all oppose the core act. It's stuff like this that ticks the American people off and it's why the GOP will have the majority in November. 

There are reasons why the senate rejected this bill outright. It's because the American people don't want it and I'm proud to have worked with them last time we passed the NDAA to remove this from the final passage. And there are good reasons why it's so unpopular the core act threatens to accelerate wildfires due to its numerous wildfire designations and other provisions that restrict federal agencies' ability to actively manage their lands are Coloradan supposed to simply stand by and watch more and more of our state get swallowed up in wildfires because that's what this legislation would do.

Nothing good happens after midnight and this bill is no exception. I do believe that my colleague from colorado wants cleaner air and cleaner water. And I would ask him to help me in managing our public lands rather than locking them down, we all want to be good stewards of the land that we've been given and without a yield back thank you, she ended her speech.


  1. No matter who’s child you’re talking about, it’s uncalled for. Do you know how many parents have lost their children to drugs? When a child does drugs the whole family is impacted, long after their addiction has ended and their death. Parents pray that that phone call doesn’t come and when it does, families and lives are forever changed. Addiction is an Illness and an illness should never be made light of. Regardless of who’s child it is.changing my vote from red to blue. Written by an angel parent.


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