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'Spare Me, Madame Speaker, That You Are Fighting For The Children': Kat Cammack Slams Pelosi


Kat Cammack
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) spoke on the House floor on Wednesday during a debate on gun control legislation. Do watch the complete video shown below.

'Spare Me, Madame Speaker, That You Are Fighting For The Children': Cammack Slams Pelosi. She spoke on the House floor on Wednesday during a debate on gun control legislation.

In her speech she said:

Madam Speaker, I came here today to speak on behalf of women and the parents of my district. Heck, honestly I came to speak on behalf of all Americans who want their kids to be safe and secure in their schools and for people to be safe in their communities.

I came here today to say that we all want these things because our hearts collectively break when any life is lost. We mourn for those lives lost needlessly. We need to do better and we can do better, which is why every member of this chamber must without hesitation denounce the decline and decide and oppose HR 7910 the politics over our kid's Act.

This is common sense taking legal firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens does nothing but empower criminals. it's already illegal to commit murder. Has that stopped murder? Has that stopped violence?  No 

Madam Speaker you said in your opening remarks that quote protecting our kids what could be more important than that, you said quote we are here for the children, you went on to say that quote everything we do is for the children and that today's effort to strip our constitutional rights is quoted a crusade for children.

You must have forgotten the nearly 60 million children that have been murdered through some of the most horrific means during an abortion, all on your watch you invoke JFK and say that our children are our best resource and our best hope for the future is that. So, Why do you deny them their future by killing them in the womb sounds a bit hypocritical? if you ask me and you also made the statement that the leading cause of death for children is firearms, then why does the data refute that NBC News reported that motor vehicle deaths of kids from age 1 to 17 continue to be the number one cause of death.

Spare Me, Madam Speaker, that you are here fighting for the children because your three decades in Congress reflect a record of anything but a fight for children. Certainly not the kids being trafficked at the border, not the kids being abused not the kids fighting for their lives in the womb, or the kids whose future is being stolen by abusive big-government policies. If this were about protecting kids then why does this bill do nothing to secure or harden our schools? why were there no bipartisan efforts as part of this package? why do these bills do nothing to address the mental health crisis that we are facing driving the violence it is the guns it is not the guns it is the people.

People who are intent on committing acts of evil and violence will do so by any means necessary, that is a fact, but while you have conveniently forgotten so much I certainly do not want to forget how many victims of domestic violence will be left without options to protect themselves if this garbage bill becomes law. Because it's the same party screaming to defund our police is the same party screaming about how you a law-abiding citizen should not be able to defend yourself.

Finally, I would be remiss, if I didn't mention that you have clearly all forgotten your oath. An oath that we took here on this chamber floor to uphold and defend the United States constitution the second amendment is a part of that. Madam speaker and to all my colleagues the constitution is not a La Carte with these lines Kat ended her speech, you can watch this complete video shown above in this article.



  2. Wonderful wonderful speech put pelosi in her place. It's abominable what the Democrats do to children.


  4. Yea yeah yeah right on point


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