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Trump's Truth Social CEO responds to Elon Musk's criticism of the platform's name!


Photo "Donald Trump" by Dan Scavino

On Thursday's "National Report," CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group Devin Nunes reacted to Elon Musk's criticism of Truth Social's name.

Devin said:

We went through an extended beta test to make sure that we cannot be Canceled, so we have massive Capability. Now we marked migrated over to the rumble Servers, Rumble is a Youtube alternative. They are an essential company so that we've partnered with and we now have the capable take on Millions after making sure we tested up on the apple app store.

And since we opened up wide open on Saturday, we've just had a flood of people coming through. And they continue to come through, and it's one of the fastest-growing social media companies in history. So we're having a lot of fun here. 

I can tell you our team is excited and if you get onto the platform in Newsmax, by the way, has been Phenomenal. Newsmax has been on Since the very beginning. And if you get on the platform, you just see the excitement of people as we continue to build out a community of people, many of whom have been Censored, shadow banned or Outright kicked off of the other Platforms. So exciting times. 

What one of the things that a lot of people didn't know. Is That? You know, we kind of you, we didn't make a big Announcement on this because we're slowly just trying to make sure that we can't be canceled And we can't be attacked. So if Anybody is having trouble, they just go back to the Apple App store and refresh the app. It shouldn't have a problem and It should work. But most people, I mean, look, we're number one in the app store, so we have a lot of people that are joining, And like I said, Newsmax, you Guys have been just phenomenal. Absolutely great to work with. 

And you know what we're trying to do here, what President Trump wants to do. Is 2 important Things. 

1. Give the American People their voice back. That's Been taken away because Social Networking is really the way people communicate today.

2. To open the internet back up for Everyone. 

Obviously, we're showing that's happening. And it's been an amazing Success story so far, and we were having fun on the platform. We're Not Trying to be just a message board for people to put press Releases on we're really looking at.

You know, who are the big Competitors out here? Tiktok is Number one, Instagram number two and Facebook. You know, that's where we're trying to get to. So we have a very good Video. We have very good pictures that you can post on the platform and we're going to continue to add features as we Grow, including we should, by the end of maybe open for, access anywhere on any device that you have. So that's coming here in the next growing quickly, and I, obviously, as You know, we don't have much Time. 

Talking about Elon Musk, Devin Nunes said: 

That deal is going through but from a business standpoint. Donald Trump got kicked off of everywhere, on every platform. He didn't need a new Company. He had to go do this in order to give the American People their voice back. So this Is something that Donald Trump And myself will be committed too. I had a perfectly good job, And in congress and in one of the Leadership positions Donald Trump had plenty of companies. We had no choice but to lead this effort. 

And so anyone who wants to join, especially someone like Elon Musk. To go in and take out. Hopefully, it's not done yet. Hopefully, he takes out one of the very bad actors on Twitter. It's it really helps everyone. Twitter is a platform that is for celebrities and people to make put their Press releases out on it's very Different from what truth is. We Have all of those qualities. 

The marketplace is TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook and those are the people we really want to bring onto the platform really quick for you. We Mentioned Elon Musk there. He doesn't like the name Truth Social so much, he suggested Trumpet instead, any plans to Change well, you know what's funny about that? On our platform, you can come on and call the Platform because we're Not censoring. So we welcome all Ideas. 

In fact, soon we're going to have the capability to do Polls. So you know, Elon Musk Could come into the platform. Put a pole up and we're not going to censor him or anyone else. So everybody's free to have their own ideas. But, yeah, we had a lot of fun with that.


  1. In a battle, I'll take a Musket over a Trumpet 100% of the time.

    1. Goliath would have defeated you then.

  2. Congratulations President Trump!! ❤πŸ’™

  3. I'm so excited about the new platform!!! Please open up the android app!!!

  4. When is truth social going to be available to Android phones

  5. So happy I got on board early, #TRUMP WON and the Majority of Americans know it! God Bless Our Country and Our President #TRUMP! #DenofThieves #LockThemAllUp #WEAREMANY πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ❤πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’™πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ¦…πŸš‚πŸ’¨

  6. I am an Android user and still waiting to get on Truth Social. I know it will be worth the waitπŸ‘

  7. Trump Won , Stop the Steal , MAGA


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