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'Can Men Get Pregnant?': Rep. Lauren Boebert Presses Becerra On 'Birthing Persons' Term


rep lauren boebert
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

At the House Budget Committee hearing, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) questioned HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra.

Check out the complete conversation below:

Boebert: As a secretary of health and human services can you define for this committee what is a man?

Becerra: You're looking at one! 

Boebert: Great so you are a man I like that can you tell me can men get pregnant? 

Becerra: Unless you know something, I don't I think the answer is pretty obvious. 

Boebert: What is that answer, sir? I'm asking what you know can men get pregnant?

Becerra: I'm not aware of it! 

Boebert: Okay well, Mr. secretary material is coming from your department you've referred to mothers as birthing persons, replacing that title with.

Becerra: Are mothers not persons?

Boebert: mothers are persons but it seems to be more inclusive like you're trying to include another gender in that. 

Becerra: I'm all about inclusion congresswoman. 

Boebert: there you go so well you know just as a mother of four boys um I'm not necessarily offended at that I am a person um but it's just unscientific and absurd. Can men get pregnant? Then we don't need to include them in this mother or mothers. moving forward Mr secretary I want to read for you from a document from your office on the office of population affairs it says in here "gender-affirming care encompasses many facets of health care needs and support it has been shown to increase positive outcomes for transgender and non-binary children" Mr secretary what is a transgender child?

Becerra: A child in America is a child in America and i hope you and i can love that child just as much 

Boebert: can you define what a transgender child is 

Becerra: that's a child in America and it's an American citizen child who needs the services and loves just the way any other child does.

Boebert: Mr secretary do you believe that a child is capable of making life-altering decisions to maim themselves?

Becerra: So let me just say to you that I don't agree with your premise but what I will say to you is children know much about themselves.

Boebert: Do you believe that children are capable of making the decision to self-mutilate?

Becerra: Again I don't necessarily accept.

Boebert: Mr secretary I mean you have gender-affirming care for young people and so this is something?

Becerra: I don't equate gender-affirming care to mutilation so if that's where you're going then you're not going to get the answer you want!

Boebert: So, Mr secretary here can you tell me if there have been mastectomies, connect comedies, or hysterectomies on children and have taxpayers funded that? 

Becerra: so I could probably use the help of my wife was an ob-gyn who could talk more or maybe dr burgess could help us out here or

Boebert: In this gender-affirming care Mr secretary have there been tax dollars put forward to fund meth stectonomies pinectomieties and hysterectomies for sex-reassignment purposes for minors with gender dysphoria.

Becerra: So Americans are entitled to receive healthcare services if they are entitled to receive any of the services that you just mentioned then it would be against the law for us to try to deny them that care 

Boebert: So for the record you favor HHS's funding being able for to for sex reassignment for surgeries on minors 

Becerra: I will do everything I can to defend any American including children whether or not they fit the categories you have mentioned or not and if they talk about gender-affirming care I am there to protect the rights of any American 

Boebert: Mr secretary I want to turn to a different document your office released this gender-affirming care is trauma-informed care. In this document you clearly state that gender-affirming care includes puberty blockers hormones and surgeries for minor children. You go on to assure the parent to assure parents, that there is no scientifically sound reason to doubt, Hormones and surgeries are helpful to minor children.  You also discussed this in a document that the potential for removing children from their parents is on the table if they're not providing gender-affirming care Mr secretary do you think that parents who believe in two genders only should have their children removed from them?

Becerra: Congresswoman I believe in supporting and protecting transgender youth I believe that they along with their parents and their caregivers will make the best decisions and I would really urge that politicians like you stay out of their business.


  1. It is the business of all taxpayers if taxes are being used to change the gender of minor children.


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