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'You Would Not Believe What Happened Last Night': Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts Nancy Pelosi


marjorie taylor greene
Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

In a video released to her social media account, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) slammed Democrats' actions on the omnibus bill. Rep. MTG blasts House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 'You Would Not Believe What Happened Last Night'. In her video she said:

Hey everyone this is Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. I want to tell you how corrupt congress is. Now you would not believe what happened last night as a matter of fact I'm still shocked about it and the rest of the republicans we're all shocked about it.

So you've been hearing probably about the omnibus bill that has been going through the appropriations committee. This is a 1.5 trillion dollar omnibus bill that none of us got to see anything in the bill text, we had no idea what was in it until this morning. When we found out that the rules committee which is a democrat controlled committee and put out their alert on their website, they did not email any of us they put it on their website after midnight. Midnight is as in early this morning they put it on their website that the rules committee would be meeting at 1:30 a.m that is where they, the rules committee meet to debate the bill now.

Normally how congress should work but it doesn't work this way since Pelosi has been speaker is an appropriations bill is something that every member of congress can go they we can put amendments in we can debate on the bill. And then once it goes to the rules committee that is where we can go and argue back and try to put amendments and try to make changes. So they met in the middle of the night in the dark night the democrat run rules committee met at 1:30 in the morning and by 2:30 a.m early this morning they had passed the 1.5 trillion omnibus bill and they released the bill text so for all of us here in Washington D.C. 

When we woke up earlier this morning we found out that it was too late to go in. They did not tell us ahead of time no one had any idea until they put it on their website after midnight after midnight they posted it so none of us knew. This is not how Congress is supposed to work it's completely broken so when you look at our government and you are shocked and cannot believe the things that happen here in Washington DC I am telling you. Congresswoman Greene added

She spoke for about 5 minutes in her video, So watch the complete video attached below:


  1. Any time something like this is done it should automatically be null and void. There has to be something the GOP can do this is a sneaky underhanded act that should be able to be over turned.

    1. A raise for all dens and rep. And to take our guns.

  2. Just vote it down!!! If you do that, then they won't do it anymore!! File charges that they didn't allow access to the bill! File suit! Impeach the Speaker because this should never be done! She should be impeached!!! She works for herself. Send her this bill to pay!! We Americans need to stop paying taxes!! 14 billion to Ukraine??? This is only to protect Biden and his interest in Ukraine! I won't pay taxes until the corruption has ended and we get a say in how our money is spent!!!

    1. They probably can't. They just don't have the majority in the house. But they will try I'm sure.

    2. They cant vote it down if they already passed it while they was asleep!

    3. You R right Louis. The Republicans can’t do one thing until they get the majority back . Republicans must win the majority in the House and Senate in the fall, or America is doomed!

  3. You can’t tell me you’re shocked..,you know how dirty, sneaky and corrupt these Democrats are, it’s exactly how they pushed through Obamacare….have you Republicans learned nothing about how the Democrats and their minions operate? Enough already!! Get tougher and fight back hard all you Republicans, otherwise sit down and shut up, or better yet just quit, because most of the Republicans are no better than the corrupt Democrats!

  4. This has been the majority House members under Pelosi and her minions. BRYON McDonalds, Fla, and several House Republicans have been saying ALL year they has been exempt from any involvement on legislation put forth by Pelosi. The House rules need to be made by VOTERS, NOT POLITICIANS

  5. does the us supreme court justices know about this? first this this isnt the UK you just cannot pass bills without it going though congress. i think your best move would be to consult the justices, because the justices are over pelosi and their job is to make sure bills are passed in accordance to what the constitution states. not back door secret meeting when the gop party has no clue . or, get the special forces from the pentagon and arrest them all for high treason. because this is a serios breech in the constitution.

  6. MTG is not a legislator. She is a transphobic hate monger in support of white supremacists. Vote her out.

  7. Idiot Socialist Democrat

  8. So has this MTG gained some education since her last few spelling and pronunciation mishaps!! - are you going to declare "Marshall Law" Or will you pour gazpacho over the matter!! (LoL, Lol) - Did she finally Ask Bill Gates if he really wants people to eat artificial meat that was grown in a "peach tree dish" (lol, lol, lol, lol) - Ohhh dear, what a Disturbed Individual!! ....and you worry about gunmen??


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