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Sen. Ted Cruz: 'The White House's Talking Points Are Written By An 18 Year Old Intern'


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

At a news briefing on Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke about a potential new Iran deal. Cruz said 'The White House's Talking Points Are Written By An 18-Year-Old Intern'. Addressing the media with GOP leaders, Cruz said:

President Biden and the white house's talking points on energy are both inane and contradictory. The Biden white house maintains that decreasing supply does not impact price if you look at How Joe Biden started his presidency? He started it with a war on u.s oil and gas. You know President Biden tried to say this week the increase in gas prices is due to Putin. 

I understand the Russians are the favorite talking point for democrats. We spent four years under Donald Trump hearing, democrats say Russia Russia Russia. And now the Biden White House wants to say all of the disasters of inflation that's Russia's fault too. The one problem is the facts on day one asPpresident Joe Biden canceled the keystone pipeline, he killed 11 000 high-paying jobs including 8 000 union jobs.

On day one he froze he halted all new leases on federal lands both onshore and offshore. And thereafter he halted the development of Anwar the incredibly rich small portion of Alaska that has vast petroleum reserves. Not only that he unleashed federal regulators to descend like locusts on oil and gas producers in the united states and the results were exactly what they intended which is u.s production went down in 2019.

America became energy independent thanks to common sense principles enacted with a republican congress and under president trump, we were energy independent. As a net energy exporter last year in under 2021 we lost that status. We are now a net energy importer, thanks to the disaster of the Biden energy policies as the rig count plummeted our production plummeted and when supply drops prices skyrocket before Putin ever invaded Ukraine. The gasoline prices in America had risen 48 and their latest talking point permits that just the oil companies for whatever reason, don't want to drill upon now.

I understand that the white house's talking points are written by an 18-year-old intern, who's taking freshman socialism but it would be good to have someone who's actually worked in the private sector. It has some awareness of how energy is produced. Energy producers will drill for oil and gas wherever it is profitable wherever it is viable. Many of those permits are not being drilled because if you got a natural gas well that you're trying to drill you have to have a pipeline to carry the gas from the well to its end users. And the Biden administration is also freezing pipelines you've got to have an environment where those resources can be profitably developed. I'll give you something Joe Biden could do today to both hurt Russia and affect prices there are six applications pending right now in the Biden administration to export liquid natural gas. they're sitting on all six of them at the state of the union I pulled. 

You can watch the complete media talk in the video attached below this article, Also don't forget to share it with fellow patriots.


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