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Donald Trump Jr. is celebrating his 44th birthday & New Year 2022 !


Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

President Trump's Eldest Son, Businessman, Politician, author, and former television presenter Donald Trump Jr turn a year older today, he is celebrating his 44th birthday & New Year Eve 2022 possibly at Mar-a-Lago, Florida on 31 December 2021. Don Jr is the first child of the 45th President of The United States, Donald Trump from his first marriage with businesswoman Ivana Trump. Don Jr is also the EVP of Development & Acquisitions of the Trump organization.

Donald Trump Jr. Biography

Trump Jr was born on 31 December 1977 in Manhattan, New York, United States. He had completed his studies at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania where he had done his graduation in subjects of real estate and finance. In the year 2001, Trump Jr. joined the family business led by his father Donald J. Trump & worked with the progress of Trump Structures which is a 17-building complex on the west side of Manhattan and then he also got involved in the development of Trump Park Avenue in Manhattan, NY.

The Trump Organisation

Don Jr. had also served as an adviser on 'The Apprentice' the reality television show owned by his well-known father Donald Trump. He was named as the executive vice president of the Trump organization and later took over the direction of new project acquisition and development of the firm. 

Donald Trump Jr. Relationships

Trump Jr got married to Vanessa Trump (Model) in the year 2005 and they both have five children namely Kai Madison Trump, Donald Trump III, Chloe Sophia Trump, Tristan Milos Trump, and Spencer Frederick Trump. In March 2018, Trump Jr and Vanessa decided to part ways for some personal reason and filed for divorce after 12 long years of their marriage. Right Now Donald Trump Jr. is in a relationship with Famous American TV Personality Kimberly Guilfoyle. Both have shared amazing photographs together via their official Instagram account.

Donald Trump Jr. Controversies

In the year 2017, Don Jr. got involved in controversies when the 'New York Times reported that he was offered compromising details about 42nd US president Clinton during the US presidential campaign in the United States. Don Jr published his first book in November 2019 titled Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us' after the success of which he came up with his next self-published book in September 2020 titles Liberal Privilege: Joe Biden and the Democrats Defense of the Indefensible.



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