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Blogging VS YouTube: Which One is More Profitable Today?


Photo credit: Rego Korosi/CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr

Blogging VS YouTube: Which One is More Profitable?

1. Which One Has Lower Competition for Your Niche?

As per my 4 years of experience, Youtube has lower competition compare to Blog or Website. We know that writing a thing is much easier and much quicker rather than creating a video, editing & shooting it, so there is always less content in the video category, so if you create a Youtube channel, there will be no investment, you can directly record your video from your phone or record your computer screen for shooting tech videos, just give impressive Video TITLE & THUMBNAIL to attract people to click your video, once they click Youtube Algorithm will suggest them few more of your videos. And if you have created much attractive content they will spend much time on your content and within a month your video content starts Viral across Youtube. The most important thing you have to focus on here is WATCH TIME & CLICK THROUGH RATE (CTR). On the other hand, there are already well-established Bloggers are there on Google Search Engine, who had occupied the top ranks of keywords. Their websites are too much friendly with the search engines that within publishing any article, it starts showing on The search engines, if you create your website and wrote an article, you have to submit the website to GOOGLE Webmaster & even after writing you have to go to the webmaster and submit the article URL and it may take up to 4-5 days to show over the search engine. To overcome this situation you have to give proper dedication to your site with a large amount of content within a short span of time. So if you want to Make Money Online, go with Youtube and parallelly create a website or blog with it, share that article link as well in the video description, so whenever your video gets traffic, some of the people will also come to your blog, and one day Search engine will also promote your blog/website with this trick.

2. Does the Topic Benefit from Video?

Exactly, Topics are mostly benefitted by the video, Now a people don't want to read, they want to search the term and want to watch the video, in a recent survey a fact comes out that suggests that Video content gives more engagement to the content compare to reading written content. Also, there will be more probability of the video content going viral over the internet due to this. So prior to any big event write blog posts as much as possible while on the BIG Event day cover that with the Video content to get the most number of people. In this way, your TOPIC/ Event will get benefitted the most.

3. Which Platform Is Better Suited to Your Monetization Strategy?

I think the blogger/website is best suited for Monetization of the content, as Youtube Monetisation criteria are too complex, even after completion of 1000 subscribers & 4000hr. of watch hour, they can anytime eliminate you from the Youtube Partners Programme(YPP) imposing any of their policies, but here in the Blog you just need to write 10-12 articles yourself with 1000-2000 words of length and that's it Google will approve your site to serve ads, also you can join several Ad companies to get ads like TABOOLA, MGID, Media.Net, EZOIC, etc. If you have taken the hostings and domain you are the owner of yours here. 

4. The Pros and Cons of Creating Content on Other People’s Platforms

If you create content for other people's websites there will be chances that either you are working as an employee there or else you are posting your views & your website URL to deviate traffic in your blog.

Cons: You are giving your content to them, they are making money of your content.
Pros: The main benefit is that upon writing the content there, they have a high number of traffic and audience retention so you can also post your blog or website link so that the people reading comments there will click that and come to your site.

5. Do You Have Experience Managing a Website?
Do you ever manage the website of a big organization, if yes you have a good experience, try yours by writing few articles on daily basis. But with the constant writing, you will definitely get the organic traffic in the coming months, the only thing requires here is to be consistant.

6. Do You Want to Outsource or Hire People?
If you have enough fundings you can start your own site by hiring a content writer, Search engine optimizer (SEO), Ask social media influencers to promote your blog/ website to get traffic. And if you want to start a Youtube channel you need a content creator who has attractive speaking skills, a video editor, and a photo editor who has command in final Cut Pro 9for iOS, Adobe Premiere Pro, Wondershare Filmora, Movavi editor, etc. 

7. Equipment and Editing
For Blogging, you need a laptop with normal internet connectivity and the ideas on which you will work. Just go to Blogger/WordPress website and start blogging to know the procedure of how to do this, you can watch Youtube videos to learn the basics like Permalink, Keyword Planner, Google Search Console, Google analytics.

But for a Youtube Channel, you need a camera, high-speed internet connectivity, Paid video editing software (as crack software might install Malware/a trojan virus that will destroy the data on your computer by even asking ransoms) 

8. Which One Comes More Naturally to You
If you have less time but cool ideas with good writing speed go with blogging. On the other hand, if you have a good confidence level, also the capability to engage people on social media go with Youtube.

The fact is that Video content always attracts and engages more compare to written content. So I will suggest that go with youtube and also make a website so that people from youtube come to your website.

9. Where Does Your Target Audience Hang Out?
The competition is very tough in both blogging as well as in Youtubing. So after working on your content see where is the lack of content, mean if your niche is more in blogging, go with videography on Youtube.

10. Are You Looking to Run Ads?
If you start blogging or uploading videos on Youtube, It takes much time to get organic traffic or get promoted automatically by a system algorithm. So if you have patience start doing your work, or else you can also use Google AdWords to promote your content, Google Adwords will run the ads, campaign designed by you.

11. How Fast Do You Want to Get Traffic?
If you are only writing and uploading your content on Blogger/ WordPress or Youtube there will be very little chance that it will grow quickly. You can always share your content on the social media platform so that the people searching that particular content will find your's link there and divert to your side. After Facebook, Twitter, also try to use Reddit, Pinterest, Discord, Quora by sharing your links there. It will help you get traffic very fast. Youtube algorithm plays a crucial role to get traffic on your video. If the Youtube system suggests your video then you will hit a good audience with even 0 numbers of subscribers.

12. Are You Willing to Use “Clickbait”
As the competition is rising day by day, you have to make a highly attractive thumbnail, so that after seeing the photograph the user starts thinking about what is inside this(Article/Video). Hence it is very necessary to make clickbait-based thumbnails. But make sure that your thumbnail mentions what is there inside your content, don't misguide the users as it will destroy your channel/site image or even Youtube issued a community strike for misguiding people.


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