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Donald Trump demands answers from Dr. Anthony Fauci about Wuhan Lab China


Donald J. Trump

45th President of The United States, Donald J. Trump Recently questioned American Physician Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding Wuhan Lab China, he said: After seeing the emails, our Country is fortunate I didn’t do what Dr. Anthony Fauci wanted me to do. For instance, I closed our Borders to China very early despite his not wanting them closed. The Democrats and the Fake News Media even called me a “xenophobe.” In the end, we saw this was a life-saving decision, and likewise with closing our borders to Europe, specifically to certain heavily infected countries. I was later given credit, even by “Tony,” for saving hundreds of thousands of lives. Doctor Anthony Fauci also didn’t put an emphasis on the speed of vaccine production because he thought it would take 3, 4, or maybe even 5 years to create. I got it done in less than 9 months with Operation Warp Speed. In retrospect, the vaccine is saving the world. Then, I (Donald Trump) placed the greatest bet in history. We ordered billions of dollars worth of vaccines before we knew it even worked. Had that not been done, our wonderful vaccines would not have been administered until October of this year 2021. No one would’ve had the shot that has now saved the world and millions of lives!
Also, Dr. Anthony Fauci was totally against masks when even I thought they would at least be helpful. He then changed his mind completely and became a radical masker!
There are a lot of questions that must be answered by Dr. Anthony Fauci. The funding of Wuhan by the U.S. was foolishly started by the Barack Obama Administration in 2014 but ended under the Donald Trump Administration. When I heard about it, I said “no way.” What did Dr. Anthony Fauci know about “gain of function” research, and when did he know it?

Now everyone, even the so-called “enemy,” are beginning to say that President Donald Trump was right about the China Virus coming from the Wuhan Lab. The correspondence between Dr. Anthony  Fauci and China speaks too loudly for anyone to ignore. China should pay Ten(10) Trillion Dollars to America, and the World, for the death and destruction they have caused!

don jr
Donald Trump Jr.

Trump Son Donald J. Trump Jr. also commented on this topic and said: That’s the look of a man who has very little confidence in someone’s capabilities. Sadly when he questioned the clown or pushed very plausible and logical concepts he was destroyed by a media hell-bent on hurting him. It’s unfortunate that the media did everything they could to make Anthony Fauci into a God and someone not to be questioned... but as usual it appears my father Donald J. Trump was right again and again and again. I wonder how many more things he will be proven right about in the next few years???


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