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Blackburn To Austin: Why Did Biden Officials Share Intel With Chinese Officials?

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) questioned Defense Sec. Lloyd Austin. Senator Blackburn: Thank you Mr. chairman, secretary Austin why don't we make our intelligence reports public now? Sec. Austin: We share as much as we can from our intel reports, but as you know we have to be careful about protecting sources and methods, right so that we don't lose capability. Blackburn: And would you agree that giving our adversaries access to our intel reports is a poor decision? Sec. Austin: Exactly I think that's something that we absolutely work to avoid.  Blackburn: Okay and so then why did senior Biden officials hold nearly half a dozen meetings with top Chinese officials to give them information on Russian troop movements? Sec. Austin: I don't know if I don't have insights on any occurrences like that so. Blackburn: Okay, it seems the Chinese called up their comrades i

'I Know Alligator Tears When I See Them': Matt Gaetz Blasts Jan 6 Committee

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr On the House floor, Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) blasted the Select Committee on January 6. Matt Gaetz said: Gas prices are rising, the border has become a turnstile, inflation is crushing our fellow Americans, and here we are, back on the floor of the house reliving January 6th. Some of the members of the January 6 committee come from the swamps of Washington D.C. I come from the swamps of Florida and I know alligator tears when I see them and yet we are lectured about performing for the former president. The reason cavino and Navarro shouldn't be held in contempt is that the January 6 committee itself is, so performative illegitimate unconstitutional in kicking off the republicans that leader McCarthy sent to serve on the committee.  You know we were accused by the majority leader of having our party hijacked our party is ascendant and time is on our side because when we take the majority back this nonsense will come t

'Can Men Get Pregnant?': Rep. Lauren Boebert Presses Becerra On 'Birthing Persons' Term

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At the House Budget Committee hearing, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) questioned HHS Sec. Xavier Becerra. Check out the complete conversation below: Boebert: As a secretary of health and human services can you define for this committee what is a man? Becerra: You're looking at one!  Boebert: Great so you are a man I like that can you tell me can men get pregnant?  Becerra: Unless you know something, I don't I think the answer is pretty obvious.  Boebert: What is that answer, sir? I'm asking what you know can men get pregnant? Becerra: I'm not aware of it!  Boebert: Okay well, Mr. secretary material is coming from your department you've referred to mothers as birthing persons, replacing that title with. Becerra: Are mothers not persons? Boebert: mothers are persons but it seems to be more inclusive like you're trying to include another gender in that.  Becerra: I'm all about inclusion congressw

'I've Got That Letter Here!': Jim Jordan Calls Out Controversial School Board Memo

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act of 2021, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) called out the controversial memo on school boards and parents. Jim Jordan said: I think the chairman last fall October 21st, when the attorney general was in front of this committee we asked him What was the basis for the very first sentence in your memorandum of October 4th, 2021? So the memorandum he had sent out just two and a half weeks prior to testifying in front of us.  The first sentence reads in recent months there's been a spike in harassment intimidation threats of violence against school administrators, board members, teachers, and staff we asked him What was the basis there? What investigation? What data?  What did you look at? How did you make a determination to put that as the very first sentence in your memorandum telling the FBI to set up a snitch line on parents? What was the basis for that an

Kristi Noem Blasts CRT Being Taught To Children

  Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At a town hall in Mobridge, South Dakota, Governor Kristi Noem (R-SD) addressed a range of topics including CRT, the budget, and more. Watch her complete speech from the townhall 'I Hate Critical Race Theory': Kristi Noem Blasts CRT Being Taught To Children. Gov Noem in her speech said: I brought two bills this legislative session that banned critical race theory from being taught in our classrooms. In our k-12 schools and another one that banned it in our universities, the legislature supported and passed. And I signed into law the university one. So, now in South Dakota going forward, critical race theory cannot be taught in our universities they killed the k-12 one.  So, tomorrow I will be signing an executive order to make sure that critical race theory is not taught to our kids in our public school systems too. I got into a discussion with the tribal council members and the President of the pine ridge tribe becau

President Donald Trump Will Headline "Save America Rally" In Selma, NC on April 9th, 2022

  Photo "Donald Trump" by  Dan Scavino BIG UPDATE: Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America will hold a major rally in Selma, North Carolina on Saturday, April 9, 2022, at 7:00PM EDT.  Trump will hold this rally in support of Ted Budd, Candidate for U.S. Senate, and other endorsed candidates. Madison Cawthorn and Bo Hines will also join Donald Trump to address this Big Rally. This Save America rally marks President Donald Trump’s first of many appearances in support of candidates and causes that further the Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda and accomplishments of President Trump’s administration. This will be the Sixth MAGA rally, that Trump will hold in 2022. Donald Trump has already Endorsed Matthew DePerno, Kristina Karamo, Katie Arrington, Russell Frye, Sid Miller, Mike Dunleavy, Kari Lake, David Perdue, Herschel Walker, and many more.  The rally will be the former president's 6th rally since he appeared at the Michigan Stars Sports Center

'I'm Embarrassed By Your Leadership!': Matt Gaetz Clashes With Lloyd Austin In Tense Exchange

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/CC BY-SA 2.0,  via Flickr At a House Armed Services Committee hearing, Congressman Matt Gaetz (Republican-FL) clashed with Sec. Lloyd Austin.    Here you can read the complete conversation between Rep. Gaetz & Sec. Austin: Matt Gaetz asked a question: Secretary Austin why should American taxpayers fund lectures at the National Defense University that promote socialism as a strategy to combat china? Sec. Austin: It's the national defense university as an academic institution and I don't know of any such lecture! Matt Gatez: But that's surprising because it was widely reported the National Defense University had Thomas Piketty come. And this was the title of his lecture responding to china, The case for global justice and democratic socialism. So now that you know that they did this, Would you agree that embracing socialism is not an effective strategy to combat China? If we don't embrace it then I guess why did the National Defense Un

Trump Responds To Reports Jen Psaki Is Joining MSNBC: 'They Need A Redhead'

US President Donald Trump (Photo: Twitter @realDonaldTrump) At his Save America Rally last night in Washington Township, Michigan, former President Donald Trump responded to reports that Jen Psaki would be joining MSNBC. Trump in his public remarks said: During my four years of Presidency, China never invaded Taiwan, now they're sending planes over, they're sending bombers over. You had a president who not only completely rebuilt our military including the addition of a space force, remembers they smiled remember that? Something which has not happened since the Air Force, 75 years ago space force, it's going to be very important having it. You know if you look at China and Russia they had a big lead. Now we're leading because we did that was so important but they left and you remember Biden left horror space force. And then the woman with the really beautiful red hair, she left and she was hit so hard by the military because they knew, I was right the military unde